UshTher - Innovative Gene Therapy for USHIB Retinitis Pigmentosa

UshTher objective is to test the safety and efficacy of a highly innovative gene therapy approach (dual AAV) in the retina of USHIB patients. It would be the first time the dual AAV vector approach is tested in humans. Towards this ambitious objective, UshTher has assembled a very competitive consortium with leaders in the fields of retinal gene therapy from bench to bedside including SMEs with expertise in the development of gene therapy products. The planned activities span from manufacturing of clinical –grade dual AAV vectors to non clinical safety, biodistribution and expression studies performed under good laboratory practices up to performing a multicenter, multinational clinical trial which envisages subretinal administrations of dual AAV vectors in twelve USHIB patients.

UshTher success will set the basis for a cure for USHIB retinitis pigmentosa, and for testing dual AAV vectors in other rare and more common conditions which require delivery of large genes, thus overcoming one of the major limitations of in vivo gene therapy.


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